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A blog created to inspire and motivate myself to enjoy studying.

"Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Distressed wood is valued for its scars, the evidence of its individuality. You are marked, perhaps scarred as well, but you have survived. Wear your scars as badges of lessons learned and growth earned."
Guys I just want you to know


That it’s okay if u can’t do 10 hours of work

It’s okay if everyone else seems better than u

U don’t have to be like everyone

Just 10 mins is enough

As long as you’re doing something

It’s good

You’re good.

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My life at 12:36AM.


it’s ok if you can’t manage five hours of work like everyone else seems to

it’s not about how much you do, it’s about how well you do it

sitting staring at your books for an hour won’t help you

you will only get more stressed

do what you can, even if that’s just five minutes a day

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I seriously do not have the mood to study tonight. I’ve taken a nap, went to the gym, ate stuff to “motivate” myself.. Is it just my mentality?

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I am new here and I need more motivational studyblrs to follow :)

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Focus on your focus. If you focus on what you fear, that will come true. Every step, every move, is a decision. Each roadblock is going to require you to first and foremost readjust your mindset. You have to decide and work hard to maintain the same attitude and mentality in each and everyone of your decisions. Every level has its own devil you will need to fight. 

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Getting a bit of shit done in school. LETS DO THIS!!

Early morning study sesh