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I think this is the most relevant thing I’ve seen on Tumblr


I wish my teachers would see this

Sit down and study, that’s the way to do it. Thanks Rory.
It’s no wonder that the few students who are passionate about ideas find themselves feeling isolated and confused. I was talking with one of them last year about his interest in the German Romantic idea of bildung, the upbuilding of the soul. But, he said—he was a senior at the time—it’s hard to build your soul when everyone around you is trying to sell theirs.
written by William Deresiewicz, The Disadvantages of an Elite Education (via pretentioun)

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Trying to get some reading in during down time at work. *sigh* The busy life of a college student.

by: Maddy
Study Tips from a Senior

Here are a few tips that’ll help you get through the tiring hours of studying and doing homework.
Tip 1: Make lists. Listing down everything you want to do gives you a visual representation of what your goals are, and helps you achieve them. Not to mention, the feeling of ticking things off a list is so satisfying.
Tip 2: Prioritize. Do what has to be done now, first, instead of doing the stuff that’s not due for two weeks before the assignment that’s due tomorrow. 
Tip 3: If you need help, ask for it. Nothing is worse than sitting down, looking at the one question for half an hour. Ask someone who may know or a teacher for some answers to your questions. 
Tip 4: Utilize a diary. Keeping yourself organized with due dates and test dates is essential in keeping on top of everything and getting everything done.
Tip 5: Work out what medium you’re using- wether it be your laptop, notebook or anything else. Stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted.
Tip 6: Take breaks. A break every 20-30 minutes is extremely useful in giving your brain a rest, to ensure you’re retaining the information you are studying.
Tip 7: Make a system with your notes. Use certain colours for headings, certain highlighters for certain subjects. This will help you get in a rhythm and keep everything neat and tidy.
Tip 8: Use palm cards to study. I use palm cards for every subject. I write my notes periodically on palm cards so I can test myself on the bus, train, walking somewhere or just before the test. They’re little and extremely handy.
And a bonus tip to get you through the night before a test: sleep is more important than cramming at 1am! Your brain doesn’t work to capacity late at night, so it won’t intake much information anyway. Sleep is essential to prepare your brain for the next day, so go to bed at 11pm rather than 1am.

You can make your dorm room good for study!